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 Our company names ZhuHai Yunew Technology Co.,Ltd, which is loacted in sanzhao town, jingwan district, zhuhai city, guangdong province, China. Yunew mean as strong and diligent as the OX. Our company is a research and development, production, sales of professional automatic identification equipment high-tech enterprise, mainly the production of single line barcode scanner, multi-line scanning platform, multi-line platform movement, wireless scanning gun, Bluetooth scanning gun, one-dimensional scanning gun, two-dimensional scanning gun, scanning module, etc.

Our company have a real core decoding technology manufacturer in china, has been adhering to independent research and development, design, production, sales. The company has a stable domestic and foreign cooperation customers, The products are sold at home and abroad. The company's products to the appearance of fashion, durable for the development direction, constantly promote technological innovation, to provide users with satisfactory products,

The company's goal: to create a national automatic identification brand, design best-selling at home and abroad barcode scanning identification equipment.

The company's philosophy: the pursuit of excellence,continuous innovation, customer first, win-win cooperation